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Upgrade your fashion manufacturing factory to a 100% mobile workflow and Industry 4.0

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Say hello to your smart factory!

Silae's sensors auto-generate operational data to create digital twins of your assets so you always have a real-time view of the factory floor.

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Patent-protected industrial IOT sensors that auto-generate operational data

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Build live performance map and auto-update skill matrix of employees using RFID cards

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Track live material flow in production lines using RFID cards tagged to bundles

Industrial Engineering simplified

We did the hard work so your team does not have to.

Silae lets you adopt Gold standards of IE in your factory.

No additional hires required.

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Real-time, auto-generated visual insights.

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Identify bottlenecks within lines in real-time.

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Produce good pieces, as fast as possible

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Minimize changeover losses

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Real-time quality


IOT Sensors + apps = 100% digital experience

Silae's suite of apps let you plan and run your entire production system with a 100% mobile workflow

IE department

Cutting department

Production Department

Quality Department


Give your IE team superpowers

Silae's Smart IE app allows your IE team to do all their planning on the mobile with intuitive workflows.

  • Create Operation Bulletins
  • Line layouts for new styles
  • CPM and other cost calculations
  • Feeding plans and records
  • Plan and manage shifts

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Digital handover to production floor

Silae's Pre-production app enables the cutting department to feed live production lines with real-time stock level feedback.

  • Digital Kanban cards for bundles
  • Tag bundles with RFID cards
  • Mark bundles ready for dispatch
  • Issue to production

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Maximize throughput

Silae's Production app offers real-time visual workflows powered by auto-generated data from patent-protected IOT sensors.

  • Rapid line changeover
  • Line balancing
  • WIP management
  • Real time step-wise monitoring
  • Spot emerging bottlenecks
  • Auto-generated loss time monitoring

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Improve First Time Right ratio

Silae Inspection app enables your Quality Teams to improve impact of your quality control process with a 100% data trail.

  • Roving inspection
  • End-of-line inspection
  • Inspection schedule adherence
  • Assign accountability across departments
  • Monitor emerging DHU, Reworks and Rejects
  • Auto-generate inspection records for audit

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Bring your team together

It's not just management, even supervisory staff love Silae as it lets them do their work better.

Silae - the perfect fit

Silae is desgined keeping your factory floor realities in mind. Upgrading to Silae is easy, and requires minimal training.

Silae IOT sensor setup takes just a couple of minutes per desk.

Go Live with your factory implementation in a few hours.

Start with few lines or upgrade your entire factory.

Silae scales seamlessly with your aspirations.

Silae auto-generates reports like Daily Production Report, Quality reports and more.

Get reports automatically in your inbox.

Improves inter-departmental coordination with shared visibility of operational processes.

Increase accountability with data-driven decision making.

Silae adapts to your processes seamlessly.

Silae requires minimal training for your supervisory staff.

Silae offers a powerful set of APIs based on your factory data.

Integrate with your existing systems or with buyer systems.